How does dam dredging work?

Re-claiming the lost storage capacity of dams

Dredging: How it Works

Utilizing existing dams for water storage rather than building new dams. Dam dredging is THE solution in reclaiming lost storage capacity. Learn more about our eco friendly dam dredging processes here:

Dredger units are assigned to the dam

We assign one or more specialized dredgers to the dam. The number of dredgers assigned depends on:

  • Size of the dam
  • Degree and cohesiveness of silt present
  • Timeframe set for operational results
  • Available budget of the client

A dredger unit consists of

  • a crew
  • a driver
  • a support craft to supply fuel and maintain or repair the dredger.

All dredger operators, mechanical support staff and a dedicated engineer undergo extensive training.

Dam Dredging Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in the dam dredging process?

The mechanical cutter head in the front end of the suction pipe extracts sediment. It also loosens other debris such as gravel and organic material.

A floatable or on-land pump station sucks the sediment and debris through a large discharge pipe. The sediment and debris travel up to 2,5 km to a temporary storage facility. The pump station returns clear water back to the dam.

We recycle the contents of the storage facilities and remove them from the site.

What happens when the dam dredging project is complete?

At the end of a project, we remove the temporary storage and recycling areas. We also rehabilitate the affected area’s.

All our operations follow applicable environmental legislation and management directly supervises the projects.

Dredging operations also remove of invasive water plant species and garbage.

Will you maintain the water system?

If required, we can also do upgrading and maintenance of existing water systems.

How does payment work?

Contracts include monthly payment by the client as per cubic meter of sediment and debris removed.

Dredging a dam is a cost and time-effective alternative to building new dams or raising dam walls.

How long does setup take?

Operational planning and set-up is relatively quick, as is the effect on dam storage levels.

How will it benefit the local people?

A dam dredging project will create employment opportunities for about 40 people.

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