Dredging equipment

Re-claiming the lost storage capacity of dams

Dredging Equipment


  • Dredge length: 30m
  • Dredge width: 2.25m
  • Suction pipe diameter: 600mm
  • Operational depth of the suction pipe: 30m
  • Discharge pipe diameter: 500mm
  • Power of main engine: 895KW @ 1800 RPM
  • Pump capacity: 3500 m3 per hour

Amanzi Savers has the dredging edge in South Africa. No other local service provider can compete with the operational scope and capacity as we do. This allows us to fulfill our claim to provide specialized dam dredging services on a scale never experienced before in South Africa.

The superior dam dredging equipment in South Africa

Our equipment is superior to other dam dredging equipment used in South Africa. This means that all research on dam dredging done with less advanced technology is not a valid measurement against what we can do.


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