Dam Dredging. Restoring water capacity of dams in South Africa

Re-claiming the lost storage capacity of dams

Dam Dredging to restore the water capacity of dams

Dam dredging to restore water capacity of dams in South Africa. Re-claim the lost storage capacity of dams for abundant water supply

Amanzi Savers has a proposed solution to securing South Africa’s water supply. Besides building new dams and raising dams walls, we need to reclaim the lost water capacity of existing dams. This can be done through Dam Dredging.

Restoration dredging is a reasonable consideration. Dredging involves the use of a partially or fully submerged apparatus. The purpose of this apparatus is to gather sediment from the dam floor and dispose of it at a different location.

Let’s fix the existing water storage infrastructure

Amanzi Savers provides specialized dam dredging services on a mass scale. We can work on a scale as never experienced before in South Africa.

It makes sense to reclaim full advantage of dam infrastructure already in existence. We will use specialized dredging to restore dams to their former water storage capacity.

Amanzi Savers is a recent player as a BEE compliant company. But the management team consists of people who are experienced in dredging, engineering and the business scenes.

Amanzi Savers Management:

    • Operations: AndrĂ© Ellis has about 30 years experience in dredging related operations all over Africa.
    • Engineering: Andrew Henegan has 40 years experience as a Civil Engineer. He has worked in some of the largest civil engineering companies in South Africa. The Maguga Dam in Swaziland was his most noticeable involvement in a public works project.

Amanzi Savers uses specialized dam dredging equipment. Learn more about the equipment…